Hey! Let’s stop having a…

I’ve recently been asked a few times:

„If you had to remove one formal event from Scrum what would that be?”

Well, it all depends on the organization and the Scrum team….


Are you familiar with Shuhari?


Shuhari roughly translates to „to keep, to fall, to break away”.

  • shu (守) „protect”, „obey”—traditional wisdom—learning fundamentals, techniques, heuristics, proverbs
  • ha (破) „detach”, „digress”—breaking with tradition—detachment from the illusions of self
  • ri (離) „leave”, „separate”—transcendence—there are no techniques or proverbs, all moves are natural, becoming one with spirit alone without clinging to forms; transcending the physical



Well, Scrum is a framework. It is a set of the values, pillars, and rules that can help your team to develop software that your clients need, in quality that they’d accept, much quicker. But when your team achieves their „shu” and will move to „ha”…  Then it will start to experiment a bit.

From my experience „not having a…” for some period of time is a normal stage of the team development.


„Let’s not have a Daily Standup!”

I’ve been there with one of my teams 🙂

I thought back then, that we need to plan our work and keep an attention – daily – on our team progress but they… didn’t. So we’ve tried!

For some time we didn’t synchronize at all, but the team soon realize that when PO came to them and asked if everything is OK no one knew what to answer him…

So we figured out that what they hated about Daily was – that it is a STANDUP meeting at the same time each morning (no-one likes to get up early…) so we’ve tried a Daily-breakfasts instead. And at the beginning, it went well. We remembered that we should use this time not only to bond and make fun of each other but also for plan what we aim to do today that will help us to achieve a sprint goal.  With some time team noticed that not everyone have the same motivation to achieve what he planned yesterday during a friendly conversation in the kitchen… So we decided to have additional synchronization at the end of the working day to check if we managed to achieve what we’ve planned. And that went for a while… Morning breakfast with planning and afternoon synchronization with checking if the plan was achieved.

And after a few sprints of those experiments… guess what… The team decided to have a daily 🙂

Normal Daily Stand-up each morning after all. Obligatory for everyone, so those less motivated had to be there and felt pressure to tell what they were working on,  we were standing in the circle and listening carefully each other so no – „I’ll do the same what I’ve been doing yesterday”- went not noticed. We could apply our rule- if you got stuck for all day someone will join-and help you.

It took us some time to figure out but at the end of the day (or rather a month) we got back to the old good guideline that Scrum Guide gave us. Only this time we did our Daily Stand-up not because „some 19-pages leaflet” made us to, but because we wanted to, and we all understood that this is exactly what we need!